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Macro Photography

One of 20 selected from over 18,000 submissions for best Macro Photography.

National Geographic Editor Favorite for Childhood Moments

National Geographic Editor Favorite for Documentary Work

Front Page of Bandera Express

KPRC News 2 Houston - Winning Photograph

The Symbolism of Wings

Taking Flight

You can only go two directions, forward or back

Two Lanes

What we were

Restoration Art and Culture

Salvaged goods restored with our Classic Culture

Learn to make natural soaps from our resident soap maker, Joyce Baker.

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Art classes with a healing touch for everyone.

Homeschool Art

Educational art classes taught by professional art educators for fine art credit hours.

Art is the only way we can see the world through another’s eyes or get a glimpse into their mind. It’s a way to get lost into a another’s imagination or to speak the thoughts, emotions, and feelings you have in a safe and beautiful way. It helps us work through problems, it helps us find solutions to this journey we call life. Through my journey, I feel like my work might seem disconnected, but it makes perfect sense to me. It’s a reflection of me, what’s inspiring me or haunting me in the moment. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition of the person I am. From a tough woman not afraid to slide on her side down a cliff or pull over and load a truck with junk because I see potential to a person that is also incredibly delicate and appreciates the softest and most beautiful things in life. As my life as an artist as evolved, I feel like I have just become a piece. And I am a real piece of work.

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